Clams Casino – 32 Levels review (via GIGsoup)

Clams Casino’s anticipated debut feels more like a coronation than an introduction, but it’s still a worthy collection of tracks from the religiously revered producer. … More Clams Casino – 32 Levels review (via GIGsoup)


Koi Child – ALBUM REVIEW (Via Gigsoup)

Check out the original review here Fremantle’s Koi Child is a project born out of collaboration and spontaneity. The seven-strong collective includes members of hip-hop group Child’s Play and nu-jazz quartet Kashikoi who met while performing on the same bill at a concert; they clicked and played an impromptu jam for fun. The results have led … More Koi Child – ALBUM REVIEW (Via Gigsoup)

Radiohead – ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ review (Via Gigsoup)

Check out my review below, or over at Gigsoup. Album marketing has become a bit of a mess recently. Artists are resorting to dropping projects out of the blue to drum up excitement; bands like Death Grips have made whole careers out of toying with their fanbase, staging breakups and placing penises on covers for … More Radiohead – ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ review (Via Gigsoup)